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GEZE Services

GEZE serves a wide range of door and window accessories needs in the project


Separate and connect spaces with glass

The optimised manual sliding wall system from GEZE offers even more freedom for designer, as well as safety and comfort


GEZE TS 5000 ECline with guide rail

GEZE TS 5000 ECline with guide rail – The innovative all-rounder with barrier-free building benefits




PT Gerbang Cemerlang was established in the beginning of the year 2006, and starts to operate since October at the same year.

The Company was built in the middle of the a hectic bussiness competition, which caused by a long term economic crisis at that time.

However, a great determination and a strong idealism from the founders of the company continually push them to work hard, and even makes problems that comes toward become a challenge. So that, PT Gerbang  Cemerlang keep on growing rapidly, and determined it's integrity to their customers, untill now.

PT Gerbang Cemerlang was known as the producer and also distributes many hardware products for door and window with a trademark called 'GEZE', 'GLUTZ', 'GERTZ', 'BFT',’TEUFELBESCHLAG’,’PARTHOS’,’GU-BKS’.