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GEZE serves a wide range of door and window accessories needs in the project


Separate and connect spaces with glass

The optimised manual sliding wall system from GEZE offers even more freedom for designer, as well as safety and comfort


GEZE TS 5000 ECline with guide rail

GEZE TS 5000 ECline with guide rail – The innovative all-rounder with barrier-free building benefits




PT Gerbang Cemerlang was established in Jakarta, at the year of 2006.

Before it's establishment, the founders of PT Gerbang Cemerlang have a great experience in material industry bussines, for years. Since then, PT Gerbang Cemerlang had prepared a technical team which experienced to bring technical solution for the customer. PT Gerbang Cemerlang is always focuses on bringing the best solution as a final result for the customers, so knowing how to help effectively and efficiently have become the foundation of servicing the customer.

The name Gerbang Cemerlang came from word "Gerbang" which means an entry door, and "Cemerlang" which means: shining, shimering, noble. So that, Gerbang Cemerlang means A great entry door which always shining to a noble aim.

Our company located in Jl. Kartini Raya no.64 A/4, Jakarta Pusat 10750. At the same location, we also have a showroom, planning & workshop studio.

Now, PT Gerbang Cemerlang is led by:

1. Mr. Harry Kristianto (Member of BOD)

2. Mr. Jonky Handoko, Dipl. Ing (Member of BOD)

3. Mr. Ir. Tatag Anggoro, MT (Managing Director)

With supports from our staff and expert, PT Gerbang Cemerlang not only handle many great projects in Jakarta, but also in many big cities across Indonesia.

These many projects which spread in all of Indonesia, demands the company to develop designing skills, bringing suggestions and solution to many architect, interior designer, and project owner. The freedom to create has enabled  innovations  in doors & windows application field.

PT Gerbang Cemerlang is always determined to bring out a good services, solutions, products and suggestions on its best for doors & windows application. To create perfect fully,  we also supported by product knowledgeement and developed many creative ideas, so that our products will always born as it best.


Best Regards,

PT. Gerbang Cemerlang