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GEZE Services

GEZE serves a wide range of door and window accessories needs in the project


Separate and connect spaces with glass

The optimised manual sliding wall system from GEZE offers even more freedom for designer, as well as safety and comfort


GEZE TS 5000 ECline with guide rail

GEZE TS 5000 ECline with guide rail – The innovative all-rounder with barrier-free building benefits


GEZE in Indonesia was handled by PT.Gerbang Cemerlang which provide services to the needs of the automatic doors and architectural hardware doors and windows, all products are standardized GEZE from Germany and has been a lot of certificates.

GEZE products are applicable to projects of pride in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, GEZE product can be applied to a wide range of products such as architectural design automatic doors, GEZE have a product called Automatic Slimdrive SL which having enough machines slim dimensions 7 cm that would only be thinner compared with existing products on the market, with dimensions slim enough GEZE SL Automatic Doors is very supportive to be applied in architectural design for buildings with modern design.

There are GEZE more products that have more value to developed and applied in prestigious projects, therefore we are very confident and proud to provide services in Indonesia, especially GEZE products.