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FOLDING and ACORDION DOORS Series 100 and 200

The probably smallest house in Schleswig-Holstein is situated in Schinkel near Kiel. The mini house has a base of only 24 square metres and holds living and sleeping room, with walk-in closet, kitchen and bath Compared to an ordinary apartment, its residents do not have to sacrifice anything, not even large doors and windows. In this case, Teufelbeschlag is again setting directions.

Folding doors provide efficient and elegant solutions not only for offices but also for modern living room design, even in generous space conditions.

In the case of fittings for folding and accordion doors, all wings are connected with each other through hinges and the constructions can be folded up when being opened. So-called "parking bays" as in stacking-sliding systems are not necessary.

Functional details:

With folding doors (series 100 and 500), the pivot for the wing and the pivot of the additional rollers is always at the end of the wings. Therefore, the doors open with the whole width of the wing being buckled out of the middle axis. With accordion doors (series 200), the rollers are arranged in the middle of the wing. For this rea­son ,the wings buckle half way out on both sides of the middle axis when opening the construc­tion.