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Movable Walls


Palace 110


Sliding acoustic partition 

Ease of operation, design and flexibility. The Palace 110 satisfies the most stringent requirements a user may demand from a movable wall.

The Palace 110 is made up out of various different panels. These panels can be finished in a variety of different styles. Even curved walls and tracks can be delivered! This will enable you to design a wall that meets your requirements entirely, both technically and aesthetically.

The Palace 110 has excellent acoustical properties. When it comes to sound insulation, the Palace 110 is by far the most obvious choice. Although the panel thickness of the Palace is only 110 mm, its sound insulation value measures as high as 37-57 dB Rw.

Because of its metal self-supporting frame construction, a height of more than 15 metres can easily be reached by the Palace 110.