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Architectural Hardware


Glass Fitting and Door Contact


Gertz - New glass migration connection hardware system complete component may depend on the design for the precision casting standard to need to carry on many kinds of combination match husband series component to pay great attention to its usability and the conveniences uses the bold fastening completely, avoids welding to design to be precise, the gertz reliable applicable scope widespread may have custom-made specially.

A sense of beauty and fusion of craftsmanship enhance space culture.

The richness of variation and design characteristics affecting architecturre and a repeatedly changing diverse environment. A technique of craftsmen who were particular about even the tenderness at the moment of touch and who pursue the material and functionality. Gertz create a consistent sense of beauty and fusion of craftsmanship. As artware that exceeds simple parts of the structure, the sense of the existence invites a rich encounter of people and space and rouses further and image of architectural and spatial design.