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Access System


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Biometric Access Control System


Product Profile

ActerACCESS is a scalable and flexible access control system with fully integrated fingerprint biometry for an easy and secure access without key, smartcard or PIN. Acter ACCESS is suited for small stand-alone as well as large, networked applications.


Standard Typical Applications

• Interlocking doors for power plants and banks

• Server rooms

• Archives

• Laboratories

• One-family house and appartment buildings

• Functional buildings

• Libraries

• Training rooms

• Etc.



• Easy to use PC software- or touch screen based user


• TCP/IP networked biometric controller

• 1:n identification or 1:1 verification

• Biometric controller and fingerprint reader up to 50 m


• Modular operation units in Feller EDIZIO due design: PIN,

  fingerprint or fingerprint and PIN combined

• Operating units suited for outdoor use

• Customised software available upon request: interfaces to

  alarm systems, interlocking doors, etc.



- With seLock

- HZ-Lock