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Fire Safety


Fire Proof TS 4000 RFS


Overhead door closer  with Freeswing arm and electro hydraulic hold-open with integrated smoke switch


Product features

Freeswing function: Door can be used without any

  resistance in opening and closing direction ( for the

  elderly, hospitals) after initial opening of the door (e.g. in the


• Reliable automatic closing of the door in the event of fire, 

  irrespective of door position

• Freeswing function provided by replacing standard arm with

  Freeswing arm (same mounting dimensions)

• Same closer features as GEZE TS 4000 R


Application range

• For single-action doors up to 1400 mm

• Can be used for right and left hand doors without adjustment

• For smoke and fire-proof doors

• With double leaf doors, the TS 4000 RFS always has to be

  mounted above the moving leaf



Overhead door closer GEZE TS 4000 RFS 230 V AC for mounting on smoke and fire-proof doors, with freeswing function, with electro hydraulic hold-open device infinitely variable between 800 and 1800 as per EN 1155, with integrated smoke switch, closing force size 1-6and closing speed adjustable from the front, with visual size indicator, transom mounting on opposite hinge side, also available with optional mounting plate.