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Automatic Door Systems




The GEZE ECturn swing door drive is designed to make life easier especially for those who have difficulty operating doors, whether they are the elderly, the infirm or children. The highly versatile, electromechanical swing door drive has been developed for internal doors, enabling barrier-free access for all.


Advantages for architects, planners and builders

• Very quiet, electromechanical swing door drive
• Meets the requirements made of barrier-free building
• Large variety of applications – ECturn can be used for all types
  of installation:
• Transom/leaf installation
• Guide rail or link arm
• Hinge- /opposite hinge side
• Safety sensors can be used as standard (additional boards or
  control units are not necessary).

Advantages for users

• High access convenience
• Flexible operation (manual, automatic or “Push&Go” function)
• Automatic reversal when an obstacle is recognised
• An optional battery still opens the door automatically in the
  event of a power failure
• The drive can also be controlled via radio

Benefits for the processors
• Ready to plug cabling
• Simple adjustment options
• Fast and comfortable installation


Product Features

• Automatic or manual opening and automatic closing
• Barrier-free
• Operation in low energy and automatic mode in accordance
  with DIN 18650
• Simple and easy connection of additional safety sensors for
  users requiring particular protection:
• Interfaces available in the drive as standard
• For additional operational convenience, it can be operated
  in conjunction with all control elements, for example, remote
• Optional battery for maximum safeguarding in the event of a
  power failure
• Ideal for people with limited mobility – the door opens and
  closes automatically.
• Plug&Go solution: The drive can be plugged directly into the socket.
• Simplified installation
• Comfortable retrofitting even in existing buildings
• Operating modes: “Automatic”, “Permanently open” and “Night”
• Small drive dimensions: W x H x D : 60 x 60 x 480 mm
• The optional accessories e.g. the receiver module or battery
  can be integrated in the drive.
• Very flexible