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Automatic Door Systems


Revolving doors TSA 325


Focal point of building entrance

TSA 325 combines architectural beauty with the highest degree of functionality. The revolving door - with its customer-specific diameter (1800 up to 3600 mm), height (min. canopy height 70 mm, (manual) respectively 200 mm (power-assisted, automatic) is the focal point of any modern facade. The various materials available for the door leaves and curved panels offer a multitude of possible design combinations.The robust construction for GEZE TSA 325 revolving door is for everyday use, yet it’s an alternative for buildings with a large number of visitors. Open or closed, the revolving door has another major advantage: no draught. The high degree of insulation against the elements and noise means that the TSA 325 saves energy and ensures a pleasant and uniform climate inside the building.

GEZE offers various revolving door types to meet different demands. There is a choice of drive system: fully automatic,power-assisted or manual.

GEZE works together with its customers to meet their specific requirements. The byword for state-of-the-art technology, attractive design and good value is: GEZE TSA 325.


Comprehensive safety concept

With your safety in mind, safety sensors and bar switches constantly monitor all potential danger points in and around the automatically driven revolving door TSA 325 immediate system stop if a safety bar switch at the closing edges is actuated if the door is equipped with buttons for the disabled the speed of the door leaves will be reduced for disabled or elderly people entering and leaving the revolving door.