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Automatic Door Systems




Modular automatic sliding door system

The versatile system TSA 450 / U 360 is used for highly frequented interior and exterior sliding doors and where manual operation of a door does not seem to make sense, e.g. in old-peoples’s homes, shops, banks, hotels or food-manufacturing shops. The modular all-aluminium contruction with track profile and raised carrier track allows the leaves to be mounted close to the wall. It also effects an extremely quiet running operation and high serviceability.Owing to the micro-computer control the system offers a broad range of functions.


Product features

• Design-tested in accordance with ZH 1/494

• Fully modular drive consisting of track profile, drive unit, flap

  profile and side panels

• Extruded cover profile in a full range of RAL colours

• Special profiles of anodised aluminium

• Large plastic rollers for nearly quiet-running operation

• Maintenance-free DC motor and gear

• Mirco-processor controlled

• With fully-electronic monitoring of the door movements


Technical data

• Opening width, single-leaf 900 - 1200 mm

• Opening width, double-leaf 900 - 2900 mm

• Max. leaf weight, single-leaf 250 kg

• Max. leaf weight, double-leaf 2 x 200 kg

• Max. height of door leaf approx. 3000 mm

• Opening and closing speed infinitely variable from 20 to 70


• Hold-open time adjustable from 0 to 60 sec.

• Overall dimensions of drive 150 mm height x 180 mm depth

  (low cover) 200 mm height x 180 mm depth (high cover)

• Mains connection 230 V AC +6%/-10%, 50/60 Hz

• Power consumption max. 250 VA


Extensive functionality

• Separately adjustable, infinitely variable opening width for

  ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’

• Separately adjustable hold-open times for ‘Summer’ and

  ‘Winter’ operation

• Programme switch with LED indication: ‘Permanent Open’,

  ‘Automatic Operation’ (summer/winter), ‘Shop Closing Time’

  (one-way), ‘Night’ and ‘Service Position’

• Miniature one-way safety lights (2 senders, 2 receivers)

• Emergency OFF switch with glass pane

• Limited hold-open setting

• Draught lobby function: mutual locking / realease of two


• Connection to building management system via potential-free


• Connection to fire alarm system

• Electromechanical locking with optional status contact for

  alarm systems

• Self-learning door control


Safety functions

• Automatic error detection

• Static closing force limitation < 150 N

• Light barrier fuse protection in accordance with ZH 1/494 with


• Automatic reversing function when an obstacle is encoutered

• Fixel panel sensors can be connected

• Manual emergency unlocking function (standard)

• Electric emergency unlocking (option)

• Optional battery pack to open the door in the case of power

  failure even from the programme switch position ‘night’

• Emergency locking