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Automatic Door Systems


EC Drive


Simply Reliable
Automatic sliding door systems are often the focus of above-average demands concerning functionality and economic efficiency. The products of GEZE Econodrive line have already offered many convincing advantages at a superior price-performance ratio. GEZE ECdrive – the new edition of the Econodrive keeps being inexpensive while offering a higher quality. The ECdrive is able to move doors up to 120 kg leaf weight and the system is uncompromisingly reliable in all details. High-quality material and the latest actuation
technology guarantee a premium performance. Owing to the small abrasion and the self-cleaning roller carriage the system operates extremly quiet. Due to the precious GEZE cover design standard there are no compromises to an attractive optical appearance.

Further product advantages
• Simple assembly and large leaf adjustment possibilities
• Intelligent tilting protection owing the slide ring integrated
  onto the roller carriage
• User and maintenance-friendly by safe diagnosis and due to
  the new developed mechanical features
• Fulfi lls highest safety requirements owing to self-
  learning controller
• Because the closing forces are always supervised
  the operation reliability is given at any time
• High comfort by parameter adjustment and status indication
  at the display programme switch

A diversity of potential applications
GEZE ECdrive sliding door systems can be used on single and double-leaf doors made of toughened safety glass,insulation
glass as well as framed and timber doors. The ECdrive systems are suitable for internal and exteral doors. In addition,
FR options are available for the use on escape and rescue routes.

DIN 18650 – Regulation fulfi lled
In order to guarantee runners as well as users of automatic sliding doors high safety an uniform standard was created in
accordance with DIN 18650. The products of GEZE ECdrive line of course fulfill this regulation. 

Actuation and still more safety
• Radar movement detector Merkur R and Merkur S
• Radar combination alarm unit with light curtain Active R
  and S, Jupiter R and SV Safety closing:
• Active infrared light curtain Active R and S, Jupiter R
  and SV
• Safety photoelectric barrier GZ 472 V or GZ 470 V Safety
• Active infrared light curtain Iris S or Presence S
• Active infrared sensor AIR 30 Now these sensors can be
  used also with doors in escape and rescue routes,
  considering all other standard defaults