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Automatic Curved Sliding Curve
Slimdrive SC/SCR


In the beginning there is the doors it invites visitors,moves back and allows the visitor to pass through gratefully. Like a business card, the door gives the all important first impression. It should be positive, stylish and of great exclusiveness.  A GEZE curved sliding door with automatic drive Slimdrive SC/SCR is perfectly suited for this purpose. More light! More space! The advantages of a curved sliding door fills the viewer with enthusiasm at first sight. A new feeling of space dominates the entrance area. Even at small external dimensions the special GEZE construction creates an enormous space for the passage – consequently elegant. The drive mechanism is consistency by design. Reliable in function, with an overall height of 7 cm pleasantly insignificant.Thus slimdrive SC/SCR Ooffers designers and architects new freedom of options - far beyond the door. Because from now on all facades and post-rail structures can be realized without the visual interference of a drive. Slimdrive SC/SCR fits in like no other drive. And this is a decisive advantage for curved sliding doors, where elegance is desired.


Fitting advantages in detail

Slimdrive SC/SCR was designed as fully-modular all-aluminium unit construction system and consists of

mounting profile, sliding rails/carriage unit, side elements and clamping profile.

• Overall height only 70 mm

• All components are plug-in units

• The drive unit is completely pre-assembled

• Special aluminium profiles

• Multi-roller carriage with axles mounted on ball-bearings for

  quiet and low-friction running. Ideal weight distribution

• Maintenance-free, fully enclosed, quiet running DC-motor

  Low-maintenance gears


Standard functions

Self-learning, complete with fitted plug Quick initial operation of system Programming: setting of parameters (hold-open time, opening speed etc.). Automatic error-detection and emergency running properties Various hold-open times for different functions Programme storage in flash EPROM, allowing on-site programme updates Delayed hold-open time automatically adjustable (depending on traffic; can be activated) up to permanently open position cycles, service interval display)


Functions of programme switch

• Automatic function summer (full opening width)

• Shop closing time summer (oneway)

• Automatic function winter (opening width adjustable)

• Shop closing time winter (oneway)

• Permanently open summer

• Permanently open winter

• Night locking (remote control)