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Automatic Door Systems


Slimdrive SL


Perfection – extremely compact

GEZE is the first manufacturer to offer a complete series of automatic door drives in the 7-cm range.The Slimdrive product range comprises automatic door systems for side hung doors and sliding doors, including telescopic and circular sliding doors as well as folding doors.


The extremely slim design

makes it possible for the designer and architect to locate the drives so that they are nearly invisible in the elevation. This series of drives distinguishes GEZE as a one-port call for all fittings requirements, offering the designer the largest possible design freedom as well as individual design solutions. Reduction means perfection. The Slimdrive SL hides the powerful drive system for automatic sliding doors in only 7 cm, which fits elegancy into each straight façade and therefore makes room for your own design. The cover height of only 7 cm also houses the safety system for sliding doors on escape and rescue routes. The Slimdrive SL allows the use of GEZE I.G.G., which makes fittings disappear between the panes. Thus the idea fo an all-glass façade is consequently applied to the door sector. The reduction to the essential optimises technique and out appearance thus making room for new freedom of façade design and offering noteworthy ecological and economical advantages:

• environmentally friendly due to economical use of material

  and energy

• tailored-to-size system production

• simple, quick installation and adjustment

• safe maintenance diagnosis


Less is more

Simply elegant

Slimdrive SL has shrunk the drive. The complete drive is contained within an overall height of only 7 cm.

This means that Slimdrive can be concealed in any façade as its sits on one profile, not two.



Slimdrive SL has been developed as a fully modular system with an all-aluminium finish. It consists of mounting profile, track profile, cover and side parts.

• Overall height only 7 cm

• Overall depth only 188 mm

• All components are plug-in units

• The drive unit is completely pre-assembled

• Power supply unit can be flange-mounted to track making drilling


• Special profiles made from anodised aluminium

Extruded profile cover



All components including the cover plate are installed onto the mounting profile. Using appropriate adapter profiles, Slimdrive SL is suitable for post and rail installation onto any current façade profiles as well as wall and ceiling installation.



Slimdrive SL derives its low-maintenance character from the clearly designed and developed system with easily accessible components and full digital technology, amongst other factors.

Convenient maintenance due to removable parts and a cover

  that can be locked into a secure position

Easily accessible terminal strips with integrated cable duct

System adjustment and maintenance diagnosis is carried

  out completely and exclusively using the display integrated

  with the programmer switch

Motor, gears and toothed belt are maintenance-free


Product features

• Max. opening width: 2000 mm (single-leaf) resp. 3000 mm


• Max. leaf weight: 120 kg (single-leaf) resp. 2 x 120 kg


• Max. opening speed (double-leaf door, weight 2 x 100 kg) :

  0,7 m/s

• Max. closing speed: 0,4 m/s

• Height of door up to 3000 mm

• Door leaf: frameless, toughened safety glass with slim frame,

  double-glazed safety glass or door with architrave = framed



Safety functions

• Static opening force limitation < 150 N

• Static closing force limitation < 150 N

• Light barrier fuse protection in accordance ZH 1/494

• Automatic error detection

• Automatic safety auto reverse when an obstacle is

  encountered in closing direction (adjustable reversing


• Manual emergency unlocking device (standard)

• Electric emergency unlocking (optional)

• Sabotage contact for key-operated button

• Automatic opening of the door in the case of failure via rubber

  cord (redundant opening through mechanical energy storage)