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Door Closer Systems


TS 1000 C


Surface-mounted rack and pinion door closer

 Product features
• Variable closing force in two sizes achieved by simply turning

  the link arm’s power shoe :
  ‘Weak’ (closing force size 2 to EN 1154) for leaf widths up to

  850 mm
  ‘Strong’ (closing force size 3 to EN 1154) for leaf widths up to

  950 mm
• Increased closing force due to offset installation for leaf

  widths up to 1100 mm (size 4 to EN 1154)
• Closing speed adjustable, as is hydraulic latching action
• Option: with hold-open link arm allowing the closer to hold

  doors open between 700 and 1500

Application range
• For single-action doors up to 950 mm (1100 mm)
• Can be used for right and left hand doors without adjustment
• For all common types of installation

Standard version/package

Overhead door closer GEZE TS 1000 C complete with link arm, screw accessories and installation template (Mounting plate not included)

GEZE TS 1000 C with hold-open link arm
for an adjustable opening angle between 700 and 1500