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Product information for Sliding Door Gear

Product information and use in accordance with intended purpose

Sliding door gear, according to this definition, are fittings for doors and other pushable elements, henceforth called objects, which are not normally moved faster than walking pace. Sliding door gear is used in vertically fitted doors made of wood, plastic, glass, aluminium or steel and appropriate combinations of these materials. A floor guide is provided at the lower horizontal edge of the door. Special versions of products must be specified for damp rooms, direct exposure to the elements, exposure to cross winds, for installation near the sea and in highly corrosive conditions. Correct installation by qualified personnel is a particularly important aspect of use for intended purpose.The fitting must be firmly attached to the object at the points provided for the purpose. The object must be sufficiently rigid at all of these points.The function of the gear must not be hindered or altered by installation. A buffer must be used in order to limit the displacement path.

Product performance
In cases where the performance of the product is not specifically described in the catalogues, brochures, instructions etc., special requirements must be discussed with and agreed by the manufacturer. Our regulations, which affect the composition of the sliding door gear, are binding.

Product maintenance
Components of sliding door gear which are relevant to safety must be regularly inspected for proper fixing
and signs of wear. Fixing screws are to be retightened and faulty components must be replaced. In addition,
the following maintenance work must be carried out at least once a year:
• All moving parts are to be tested for free movement.
• In the case of running carriages with metal rollers, the moving
  parts must be greased (type of grease to be used on
  Plastic rollers must not be greased.
• Only use cleaning agents which do not impair the
  anti-corrosion protection of the gear.
• Faulty sliding door gears must be replaced.
• Adjustment work on the gears and the replacement of the
  same must be carried out by qualified personel

Application for similar fittings
Sliding gear with horizontally installed objects, e.g., drawer guides or gear with vertical runner tracks must be handled according to their respective characteristics with the respect to product information, use for intended purpose, misuse, product performance,product maintenance and servicing, and duty of information and instruction.

Product features
• Enclosed tubular track
• Prismatic troughs
• Tempered rollers with ball bearings
• Movable hangers
• 3 sizes

Range of applications
• For all sliding doors
• For all door materials
• For side and soffit-fixing
• For conveying and shifting systems
• As mounting aids for trade and industrial applications
• For heavy loads, see table Load-bearing capacity of track
  with 700 mm bracket spacing:
  - Apoll Size 0 150 kg/m
  - Apoll Size 1 350 kg/m
  - Apoll Size 2 600 kg/m

Standard version/Delivery
Galvanized steel track, other components galvanized