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Window Systems


RWA 100


Electrically operated linear drive units for direct
window opening

A perfect solution for vertically installed ,inward opening and outward opening windows made of timber, UPVC or aluminium for smoke and heat extraction. Direct opening with additional mechanical locking giving even closing pressure.


Electrically operated linear drive unit for inward opening bottom-hung, top-hung, inclined and side-hung windows.

For vertically-installed inward opening bottom-hung, top-hung, inclined as well as side-hung windows made of timber, UPVC or aluminium. Casement width 360 mm - 1200 mm (UPVC max. 800 mm) Casement height 470 mm - 1700 mm (details see sketches and mounting dimensions)

Product features
• Large opening width
• Secure locking
• For extremely wide or high casements several locking
  devices can be installed
• Stylish motor with 4 different stroke lengths, enclosure
  ratings IP 65
• Small dimensions of drive: 40 mm x 47 mm
• Mechanical overload cut-out to protect control gear and linear
  drive unit
• Quiet in operation
• Control via GEZE emergency unit E 260 N
• Battery back-up system
• Automatic charging
• Fire switch
• Ventilator switch (with "STOP" button for any position of
• Smoke detector
• Heat detector

• Space required on locking side = min. 32 mm
• Space required on motor side = min. 48 mm
• Max. panel weight = 30 kg/m2
• I-dimensions max. 70 mm (see illustration)
• Casement width >>a<< for timber and aluminium windows
  max.1200 mm
• Casement width >>a<< for UPVC windows max. 800 mm
• Casement width min. 360 mm
• Casement height 470 mm - 1700 mm
• For casements exceeding 1.2 m2: 2  auxillary locking
• Motor can be mounted either on the left or the right side