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Road Barriers


Michellangelo 80


Accesses to private areas, apartment buildings, car parks, garages and industries: BFT produces automatic road barriers for openings of variable width for all these contexts. The entire range ensures broad installation versatility and a great maintenance simplicity.


Operator with incorporated control board and rolling code
receiver, MICHELLANGELO 80
• 230 V
• Boom Length 8 m MCL PCA 8
• Residential, Apartement block and Industrial use
• First part telescopic round boom, ø 70, long 4,3 m., ATT  
• Second part telescopic round boom, ø 50, long 4,6 m.,  
  ATT 504
• Accessories packaging for ATT 704 boom, ACC MCL ATT
• Boom upper and lower casing profile in rubber for
• Integrated blinker. It must be connected to KIT SCHEDA
• Lighting kit with 6 lights, KIT MCL LIGHT. To be used in
  combination with PC A 6,
• PC A 8 or KIT MCL LAMPO . It must be connected to KIT
• Lights control board. One board is sufficient to have
  both KIT MCL LIGHT and LAMPO working.
• KIT MCL 130
• MICHELLANGELO anchor  base.BM
• Fixed bar rest fork., MCL FAF