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Automatic Swing Gates Hydraulic




Smart automation for modern living

HYDRAULIC solutions for the automation of Swing Gates


BFT hydraulic operators for swing gates ensure the maximum reliability and durability over time. Their high frequency of use makes them particularly suitable for apartment block contexts. Moreover, all the maintenance operations are particularly simple, fast and intuitive.



• Operator , P4,5 or P7

• Voltage 230 V

• Leaf Weight up to 500 kg

• Leaf Length up to 7m

• Residential and Apartement block use

• Control board with incorporated rolling code receiver,


• Two-channel rolling code transmitter, MITTO 2 12V

• Electric lock, EBP

• Pair of photocells, Ce llula130

• Pair of posts for photocells, CC 130

• Blinker with antenna, LAMPO AI 230V

• Key switch, Intro